The Knot


20 February - 14 March

Opening hours Fri - Sat: 12.30pm-6.00pm

New York based artists and recently engaged couple, Tom Smith and Jonathan Rosen, bring the same-sex marriage debate to Australia in their new two-man show, THE KNOT, presented by Emerald Fitzgerald of GÆMS (Founder of ROX Gallery NY) and Diana Palmer of Palmer Art.

Coinciding with Sydney’s Mardi Gras and 2015’s push for marriage equality legislation across 50 key Australian federal electorates, THE KNOT explores love both as an idea and as an abstraction, while simultaneously peeling apart the mean- ings of it’s perceived truths.

Much like two people who become ceremonially one, Smith cuts and combines two similar paintings on paper in electric colors and textures. These combined paintings vibrate through a surreal kaleidoscope of opposing colors and shapes.

Rosen’s works explores the personal complexity of love in his series of large collages entitled I WANT. The meticulously crafted pieces made from found objects and collections embody ‘labor of love’ and/or love as labor. Rosen carves the words ‘I Want...’ along with his innermost desires out of the canvas. What is left is a window in the canvas exposing his (often universal) conditions of love.

After developing critical and collector attention in the NYC Downtown scene on the Lower East Side, this will be both artists first exhibition in Australia. Rosen, a former Sydneysider, proposed to Tom Smith at Art Miami Basel 2013 and both hope this show will contribute to the marriage equality conversation in Australia.

Image: Tom Smith, Death at the Disco, 2014