Art Month Presents Collectors' Space

Explore museum quality artworks never seen together in public before… or ever again.

Collectors' Space is an annual exhibition that celebrates private art collections. Visit Collectors' Space to experience works previously unseen in public, hear the stories behind the works and learn what the collector's buy and why.  

Glenn Barkley, Curator: "Collectors' Space 2015 comprises works from 5 different collections. Inherent in this assemblage is an element of disparity and yet all of the collections are tied by their owners’ drives to collect, support and use their collections – they surround them, they are inspiring and they demand attention"

The 2015 Collectors: 

Clinton Bradley works in IT and is an avid collector of contemporary art. His first purchase was a Louise Weaver lithograph of a polar bear bought from Darren Knight Gallery in 2007. 

Kylie Kwong is an Australian television chef, author, television presenter and restaurateur. Nell is a multidisciplinary artist who makes work informed by an awareness of her own mortality and the centrality of birth, sex and death to human experience. Nell and Kylie first met at an opening at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Paddington.  A large part of Nell and Kylie's collection consists of work Nell has swapped with artist friends over the years. Most of Nell and Kylie's collection now hangs at Kylie’s restaurant, Billy Kwong in Potts Point.  Their most recent purchase was a Nypanyapa bark displayed in the restaurant. 

Max and Gaibrielle Germanos began collecting art in the late 1990s, initially focusing on emerging abstract and indigenous artists. Since then their collection has grown extensively to focus on mid career Australian artists with a particular interest in figuration and portraiture.  Artists featured in the Germanos collection include McLean Edwards, Adam Cullen, Brent Harris, Ben Quilty, David Griggs, Euan MacLeod, Noel McKenna, Joanna Braithwaite, Neil Frazer and Del Kathryn Barton. 

Noel McKenna was born in Brisbane in 1956 and lives and works in Sydney. The first work of art that McKenna bought was an Allan Mitelman etching from Ray Hughes Gallery in 1976. As a collector, McKenna is guided by a simple principle: “It may sound obvious but every work I buy I have to like”

Sue Cato has worked on business-critical issues and corporate activity for Australian and international corporations and entities for over two decades.  As a collector Cato enjoys the frisson generated by a left field thought, a tackle or challenge that comes out of the blue; an unexpected or under-acknowledged complexity distilled in an idea and then rendered as a work. Bill Henson, Callum Innes, Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan and Seung Yul Oh are among the artists that hang in Sue Cato's collection.

Collector's Space 2015 Events: 

Who's in Charge Here? Collecting Couples in Conversation

Leaving on a Jet Plane: International Art in an Australian Context

Gotta Have It. Art in the Home

Belle Artist Dinner: Collector's Space with Glenn Barkley

The Collectors space is made possible through the generous support of:

AON Insurance and Hiscox
The Hughes Gallery
Grace Fine Art removals
Mr Michael Hobbs
Dr Clinton Ng

Artwork by Noel McKenna

  • 11 March - 29 March
    Wed- Sun 11am - 6pm

    Collectors' Space
    270 Devonshire Street
    Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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